Sam Lanka Pte Ltd is a Singapore domiciled company that invests in Sri Lanka. We own two Sri Lanka Board of Investment (BOI) companies. We operate three ice factories in Sri Lanka, and have joint ventures in bottled water (also BOI) and energy saving.

We are the largest supplier of ice to the fishing industry in the South West province of Sri Lanka, with factories in Tangalle, Ambalangoda and Panadura.

We are a significant shareholder in Malwana Springs, manufacturer of Frosty Water and Frosty Ice, in partnership with Mr Mukthar Marikkar, owner of Frostaire, the long established air conditioning manufacturer in Sri Lanka.

We have recently established a joint venture Energy Savings Lanka International Pvt Ltd to bring green energy solutions to Sri Lanka. We are the exclusive distributors in Sri Lanka and the Maldives for the Coolnomix suite of energy saving products.


We differentiate ourselves by the quality of our ice, the reliability of our service, and the respect we have for our customers, our employees, and the communities in which we work. These aims of quality, reliability and respect are not just words. Our quality comes from our heavy investment in state of the art Japanese machinery, and from our emphasis on staff training and professionalism.
Our reliability stems from the quality of our machinery, and our customer tracking capability.
'Respect' is at the heart of our company ethos. We respect our employees, train them, and offer them a share of profits. We respect our customers, knowing that the timely and efficient delivery of our product helps them to maximize their own profits.
And, we respect the communities in which we work. Sri Lanka is a melting pot of religions, cultures, classes and values. We believe it is essential that we are a positive influence in our communities.