We believe that the most important way that a company can impact its community is by being well run, profitable and acting with honesty. Such a company will create sustainable good jobs. And good quality jobs are the bedrock of any happy society. By training our staff, treating them with loyalty and respect, we can enable them to plan their lives with confidence and dignity.

We also believe that producing a better product at a competitive price is valuable in itself, improving the productivity of our customers, and thereby allowing them to prosper.

But we do also want to make explicit charitable donations in our communities. At Sam Lanka we share a view among staff and shareholders that education should be our focus. Over time we hope this will cover many aspects of education from local Montessori pre-schools all the way through to sponsoring post-graduate work in sustainable fishing practices. The following links will take you to our projects:

Montessori School, Tangalle
Ante-natal Clinic, Panadura